Organic Beef Packs

Introductory 10kg pack @ $25.00/kg


$10 delivery fee

1/8 Share 22kg @ $25.00/kg



$10 delivery fee

1/4 Share – 44kg @ $23.00/kg


$10 delivery fee

1/2 Share – 90kg @ $23.00/kg


$10 delivery fee

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How we make it work

Mick works mostly on the farm to create a healthy environment for the wonderful healthy herd, while Noela works mostly on the administration and marketing aspects of the farm and keeping the family on-track. The cattle are handled daily in Summer and every three or four days in winter. Cattle move from fresh paddock to fresh paddock on a regular basis ensuring nutrition is balanced.

Meet the farmers

Mick and Noela Alexander along with their sons Mathew and Lachlan operate Bindaree, a 1400 ha grazing property situated on the Fitzroy River Floodplain and only 42kms from Rockhampton.

our Promise

We work as a team to supplying delicious and healthy grass finished beef including Paleo sausages and mince direct to customers. You are buying direct from the farmers who ensures every possible means is taken, to care for our animals.

Health Benefits

Where Healthy Comes Naturally Our Beef is Ethically Grown • Hormone Free • Chemical Free • Anti-biotic Free • Paleo • Organic Certified Pasture grown on the pristine flood plains of the Fitzroy River


    Let food be your medicine

    We constantly hear so much about chronic disease and health related issues and seen so many families being directed by their doctors and nutritionists towards healthy, grass fed, paleo organic food. Some friends of ours were organic for several years and kept telling us how important it was to produce healthy food. In fact we converted our family farm to organics in 2013 and have had a wonderful journey learning how to produce beef without hormones, antibiotics or synthetic chemicals.

    As with human health, animal health is all about nutrition. Get the nutrition right and the animals will thrive -and they do.

    Each share inludes:

    • T Bone
    • Y Bone
    • Eye Fillet
    • Blade
    • Rump
    • Brisket Rolled


    Bindaree Garnant Qld 4702
    ABN: 43 620 795 509

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