About Us

Bindaree is the home of certified organic beef in the Rockhampton and Capricorn regions of Queensland with stock grazing the 1400ha of clean pristine floodplains of the Fitzroy River and only 42km from Rockhampton. We are a family based operation with Mick and Noela Alexander running the enterprise and teenage sons Mathew and Lachlan supporting in their spare time. Our composite breed includes brahford-droughtmaster females and santa-angus sires.


Changed practices

  • Noela’s late father, Trevor Jones had noticed the reduced grass growth and poor soil health in 2002. “In the 80’s the grass grew so high that we had to sit in the saddle to see over it and now its only knee high, something’s changed” he said. Trevor began searching for new ways of improving pasture growth which led to soil health, carbon, managing nutrition, rotational grazing and all of todays new practices.
  • Mick and Noela took over the role of management of Bindaree in 2013 and immediately began the conversion to organics. They saw immediate change in livestock health and plant health, by removing external inputs, improving the regeneration of pastures and purposefully planning the grazing.
  • Mick is a highly sought after agricultural consultant and educator, who was reared on a grain and cattle farm in southern Qld. He has utilised his own skills and the knowledge of many other specialists such as Peter Andrews to transform Bindaree into an exciting vibrant property that produces clean ethical products. (It is a work in progress)
  • Our main goals today are to use happy healthy livestock to improve soil health, sequester carbon, improve plant health and reduce the impact of climatic cycles (droughts and floods). A vet once told Mick that “the key to success is animal health – get that right and the animal will do the rest”. In other words, keep the animal nutritionally healthy and we can do away with all the drenches and dips and other inputs. Well, he was correct – and they have done that very quickly.

Happy cattle

Lachy feeding the cows